Asset Advisory

As asset advisor I provide more than 10 years of experience with investments in international financial markets. I can apply numerous international bank contacts and have been registered as broker at the stock exchange of Qatar since 2005.

I am specialised on

  • Strategic risk management and
  • Valuation of finance instruments

I am able to determine the risk adequate interest rate for your intra group financing activities based on the valuation of the participating business units, the markets they are active in as well as considering the trends of the respective financial markets.

To find the optimal mixture between equity and debt including mezzanine capital and hybrid instruments also considering guaranties and letters of comfort and to fix the interest with the right amount has gained importance especially in light of the BEPS report.

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My experience Your profit

  • Strategic Risk Management
  • Operative Risk Management
  • Country Risk Management
  • Financing
  • Investments
  • Fixing of Interest Rates