Optimization of asset structure

  • Your wealth is split into various asset classes and invested internationally?
  • You are maintaining a holding company, a private foundation or any other entity to bundle your investments or your business activities?

As various sources of income are, in most jusridictions, subject to different systems of taxation, it is decisive for an optimal structure of one's assets to consider tax aspects.

To secure your wealth an international tax strategy as well as the coordination between asset managers, real estate-, legal and tax advisors is important. I hereby would keep an eye on the legal and tax framework and could help adapting the implemented structures according to the changing environment to secure that the aimed targets could be achieved also in the long run.

Als in case it is important to you and your family to mentain control over your assets, suitable solutions are available. I also consider in structuring your assets that sufficient liquidity is provided.

I would also be pleased to support you in controlling your assets by implementing a reporting system with private wealth statements and cash flow analyses. This would provide a good basis for planning and enable you to detect any undesired developments at an early stage so that counter measures could be taken in time.

Trust me, the development of long term successful investment structures is one of my core competencies.

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