Tax Check

  • You are not sure whether your tax department is up to date, familiar with the latest trends and fit for all future challenges?
  • You want to have checked whether and to which extent you tax structure is affected by the OECD Report on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) and relating tax initiatives?
  • You want to have checked whether Country by Country Reporting could lead to tax risk materialising?
  • You want to ckeck your business for all tax risk to make sure that they are still within the scope of your risk policy?

I am familiar with all main national and international developments in the tax area and could help you to make your department fit, tax wise and from an organisational point of view, to encounter all future challenges.

With my expertise with BEPS and Transfer Pricing issues I can help you to align your tax structures to your value chains thus mitigating tax risks.

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My Expertise with Country by Country Reporting enables me to determine your group tax risk profile based on ratios developed form the BEPS Report. It’s Comparison to the defined risk strategy leads to the necessary tax adjustments which should be implemented for optimization.

The soaring collaboration of tax authorities and the resulting exchange of information increasingly leads to unexpected tax audtis.

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My Checks provide security and highlight your potentials. The results directly lead to performance improvements!

My experience Your profit

  • Corporate set up check
  • Transfer Pricing Check
  • BEPS – Check
  • Tax Risk Profile Check
  • Country by Country Reporting

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