Tax IT Tools

  • You want to detect pending tax risks at an early stage so can take counter measures in time?
  • You want to detect optimization potentials enabling you to use tax planning opportunities?
  • You should to budget the effective tax rate and should explain potential deviations?
  • You want to calculate the return of long term investment projects and do not know how to consider potential tax rate changes.
  • You should make sure that your tax risk portfolio is covered by the company’s risk policy?

A modern tax management requires IT supported processes and an automated gathering of all factors impacting the tax position.

If you don’t use these tools you should ask yourself whether your competitors might be a step ahead and might have gained by a more effective tax management a competitive edge over you.

Exploit the potential of modern IT applications and secure your competitive edge!

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  • CbC ("Country by country") Analysis Tool
  • Tax Risk Monitor
  • Tax Environment Risk Barometer
  • ETR ("Effective tax rate") Analysis-Tool
  • Tax Budgeting Tool
  • Tax Compliance Dash Board
  • Tax Asset Inventory
  • Tax legal Database

ETR Analyst